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Horn line for sativa? To propane nightmares chords

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Chorus idea?

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Big thing announcement! Please read.

Well then you cheeky otters, it’s probably about time we dusted off this machine and got you some fine updatery. First off we have a gig announcement! And it’s an important one. We’re playing at The Parish in Huddersfield on Friday November 8th, topping the bill and supported by our good friends from Nottingham, Fighting Evil Is Cool, and a couple of other bands yet to be confirmed. We’ll also be starring our alumni member James “Cullum” Turner on trombone!
Why is this an important gig? Well, you may have noticed our quietness over the past few months and this has been based around the decision to invoke “indefinite hiatus” status, and so this is to be our last gig for what is likely to be a long time. This is all an entirely amiable agreement with the band as is a result of several factors, such as the departure of our horn section and difficulty in coordinating our schedules around various employments. Seven (7) years we have been going, we have had in that time (I think) 6 different horn players, 7 different bassists and played countless gigs at The Parish. Your presence, support, beautiful faces and dancing skills are the fuel which has kept it going for as long as it has. Words can only express so much, especially in textual form, so let us say it to you in person by coming along to our gig on November 8th! We’ve still got a whole bunch of merch so we’ll be flogging it at knock-down prices (these prices will eventually be reflected on our Bandcamp site, too). 
That being said, we’re not giving up on music entirely and there is another project in the works, albeit an entirely different beast from Wobbly Bob. It’s still in the early stages, but updates will be posted to this page when things begin forming!
We’ve had the most amazing time, and we hope you have too. See you on the 8th.
“Ah, music, a magic beyond all we do here!” - Dumbledore

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We’re thinking of doing some acoustic ska covers on YouTube.  What should we play?